Horace Greeley High School Class of 1961
October 2012

Congratulations to us all!!!  Our class is now 51 years old!  Hard to believe that it’s already been a year since our reunion.  The years do seem to go by faster and faster, don’t they?
Thanks to those who took the time to send in their news and/or opinions about what we should do going forward.  It is your committee’s hope that more and more of you will keep in touch with us, and with each other.  We share a childhood and a generation in common – both good reasons to stay connected.  So, come on, everyone:  send us your news, visit the website www.hghs1961.com, connect with each other through the new Chat Room and the Meet-Ups pages on our website.  And, of course, enjoy reading your newsletter:
Mike Adams wrote:  “Here’s a vote for a ‘Gee, we’re in our 70s’ party’ in a year or two.  However, I’m not sure ‘gee’ is appropriate for our class.  Maybe an expletive would be better.  Or ‘hooray!’…. No strong feeling about maintaining the website.”
Mary Allanach and husband Len spend the summers at their home on Thompson Lake in Casco, ME.  This year, daughter Pam and her two daughters (ages 10 and 8) spent 5 wonderful weeks with them, and Anne Ferris and Bobby Mahony came up for a weekend visit.  Murny also got together with Penny Wareham, Mike Adams, and Tom Leonhardt while there.  She keeps herself busy year-round with two writing groups, a book group, and yoga classes.
Lisa Beaudouin’s father died in May.  Our condolences to Lisa.  It’s never easy to lose a parent, not matter at what age.  And thanks to Ed Reardon, who sent us a clipping of the announcement in the NY Times.
Mary Jane Buono vacationed in Nantucket with her family this past summer, and Diane Baker visited her there.
Kathy Boyd started Rehabilitation Through the Arts, which brings arts programs (theater, writing, dance) to prison inmates, back in 1997.  It is now in five prisons in the Westchester/upstate area, has 150 prisoners participating, and significantly changes the lives of many of them.  In the newspaper clipping sent to us by Ed Reardon (thanks, Ed), Kathy is quoted:  “You don’t do something like this unless it feeds you on a level that’s almost not explainable….You really grow and change by working with relationships that challenge you.”  How true, Kathy – and kudos to you!
Judy Carpenter and LouAnn Sawyer stay in touch via email.  LouAnn reports that Judy is doing very well despite losing husband Jim Lambert many years ago.  She lives in Freeport, ME, near her grandchildren and family and travels to Hawaii to visit her son and his family.  “She is as bubbly as ever and is enjoying these years with family.  She has been well, and continues outdoor activities of all kind, loving the water and winter and, of course, summers in Maine.  I have not seen her in many years, and it is on our ‘bucket list’ to do that this year!”
John Campbell and wife Barbara flew to California to visit their grandkids.  They also spent a week on the Jersey shore with both their daughters and their families.  John gets together with Ned Darnall and Pete Holden for a round of golf every now and then.  He’s still waiting to hear from the FAA whether he will be permitted to fly again, after getting a pacemaker last year.  He expects to get the verdict in the next month or two.  Good luck, John – we want you up in the air again, making those wonderful Angel Flights.
Jean Carrozza says that she often babysits her grandchildren (ages 7, 5, 3, and 3) and continues her work as a personal trainer.  That sounds like fun!
Todd Caso, his wife Carol, and her three daughters had “a terrific relaxing time” in St Kitts early in June.  They then drove down to DC to visit Carol’s daughter Caiti, who is an analyst for the CIA, before she left for a stint in Afghanistan.  While there, Todd attended a Yankees/Nationals game with Peter Whitney’s widow Martha:  “Martha and I had a great time at the game…, and it was terrific to spend some time with her….It is still strange to consider that Peter is not going to be around forever…just doesn’t seem fair.  But who said life is fair, right?”  On a happier note, Todd just recently reported that Caitlin has returned home safely:  “She showed us a few photos of the very bleak landscape out there (mostly mountains and dust) but, of course, could not tell us much of what she has been doing.  The few times she left the base she was wearing body armor and heavily armed, so we are thrilled that she doesn’t have to do that over here.”  Todd also reported that he has just signed a new deal with NBA Entertainment, continuing his tasks as historical consultant.  He will be the interviewer/writer for some of the new round of retired player interviews.  He also reports that his private venture, Goldensportstv.com, will be going live soon, as a streaming website with a full schedule of vintage sports programs.  Just hot off the press:  Todd became a grandfather for the third time on October 13:  “My son actually delivered the baby, in a birthing tub in their living room….quite a moment.  No name confirmed yet, but I am sure it will be unusual…since the other two boys are named Seven and Tenor.”  Congratulations, Todd!
Carolyn Curtiss and husband Hap won the Super Senior (65 and older – that makes us all “Super”!) mixed doubles tournament in Williamstown, MA this past summer.  Congratulations to the champs!  You give us all hope…  As usual, Carolyn and Hap spent part of the summer at Christmas Cove in Maine, and were thrilled to have daughter Mariah and her two little ones join them.   On October 12, Carolyn reunioned with her sister Corny (HGHS’55) and brother John (HGHS ’58), the first time in years that all three were together.  And Carolyn offers this ray of hope for those of us who still have kids living at home:  son Caleb moved out of the family home and into his own place!
Ned Darnall and his wife Anne once again spent June and July in France, where Anne is from.  To make the most of their trip, they went to a performance of the Glynbourne Opera in England.  They also travelled to Minneapolis to baby-sit their 6 and 4 year old grandkids.
Lynn Eberhardt wrote:  “I do think we should keep the website and would be willing to make a small contribution if money is a factor….Small mini-reunions may be less work to produce.  That said – a big party in a year or so would also be fun.  Bless you all for keeping in touch.”
Gay Ellis went to the Mendelssohn Glee Club concert this past May.  Ned Darnall is a member of this venerable, all male NY glee club.  He reports that their next concert will be on December 11, and that he could organize a mini-reunion around it if there is an interest.
Peter Holden reports that he continues his work as Chair of Road to Responsibility, which cares for over 1000 mentally challenged adults.  “I am also serving as an Ambassador for the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary which runs between Provincetown and Cape Ann.  (I guess I can’t stay off the water.)  Donna and I will be back on Sanibel Island in FL from Jan through March.  If anyone gets down that way, please call.  781-254-1240.  Daughter Lauren and family come from Oregon in March and we get to spend lots of time with daughter Paige and family who live there.  We will be located on Tarpon Bay, which is part of the Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve.”
Martha Holmes sent in the following report:  “Had a great  trip to Ireland in late July with Susan Hayes Nagel to meet her blood relatives, descendants of Susan’s grandmother from Roscommon whom I remember meeting in her living room in Chappaqua when we were in grade school.  Generous, warm, real Irish charmers, so the family resemblance was obvious.  My grandfather’s people came from Cavan, a county to the east, but I hadn’t done the hard work Susan had to follow the roots to the trunk of the family tree, so I stand in awe of Susan’s diligence, a five year sleuthing effort which paid off enviably:  she stood in the short line with her Irish passport while I got stuck in a long line behind too many of my fellow Americans.”  On another note, Martha added, “I invite everyone to look at the website of our home in Queenstown, New Zealand, a gorgeous area you will soon see in the movie The Hobbit (it’s also the location of Lord of the Rings).  If you’re going that way, it’s a great place to stay and we’ll give you a discount for being a ‘61er….www.WakatipuHouse.com.”
Trish Kellogg took trips to Montauk  and to New Hampshire/Vermont  this summer.  She also spent a day with a visiting with Barb McCoy in New York City and had lunch with Sue Bode, who was visiting an old friend in Connecticut.  Trish reports that she spends her time with her grandchildren, work (nursing at Calvary Hospital), reading, and walking.
Bobby Mahoney divides her time between the family home in Rhode Island and New York City, where her two sons and two grandsons live.
Bill Marsden sent a note that he and his wife Nancy would enjoy hosting a mini-reunion in Fort Meyers, FL if there is any interest in that.  “We live in a golf oriented community and could get some foursomes on the club course and/or take those interested on a short boat cruise on the Sanibel/Captiva/Fort Meyers Beach area.  The clubhouse could accommodate lunch or dinner as well….”I hope you do keep the web site up, as it is well done and makes for a convenient focal point for communicating.  If there is a cost attached I would certainly make a donation and believe many of us would do that…. As for personal news:  a little bragging for my grandson who turned 18 this week (how can I have an 18 year old grandson?), achieved Eagle Scout and in August was one of the three team members that won the Junior National Skeet Shooting competition in Sparta, IL.  Life is Good!”
Karen Lossing and husband Bill drove down to DC in June to attend an event of the Code of Support Foundation, which encourages support of the military (the 1%) by the rest of the population (the 99%).  They are very proud of their daughter Kristy, who is executive director of this new organization founded by a retired general.   Karen hosted Martha Holmes and husband Chuck and Peter Holden’s little sister Martha for a few days on Martha’s Vineyard in September.
Ruth Ofstie also likes the idea of a “what the…we’re in our 70’s now?!?!” party. (Like Mike Adams, she also enjoys a good expletive!)  She goes on:  “Sock hop?... Having had a broken ankle during our last get-together, I really missed being able to cut loose!  Now I’m back to doing Zumba and Pilates, and riding tandem.”  On the website, Ruth says:  “The website is something very special.  Would hate to lose that, so would be happy to contribute to the ongoing cost.  I have given the url to several of my siblings’ classmates and various extended family members.  Everyone seems to really enjoy ‘visiting’ with us again.”  After a heart scare (all is fine now) in the spring, Ruth had a ”great” summer:  “…spending most of it in Vermont/Massachusetts visiting old friends, family, grandkids, and quality bonding with hubby.  We enjoyed the more moderate New England weather (although, I personally don’t mind my part of Florida any time of year.  Home is a good place).  Even made some interesting genealogical connections while doing some research in Woodstock VT. … This is work we’ve done for many years, and it gets easier and more fascinating all the time.  Didn’t see any Greeley classmates while up north, unfortunately.  Hopefully, next summer.”  Most recently, Ruth took a trip out west and visited the Grand Canyon and Slot Canyon for the first time.  She says it was overwhelming .  The Grand Canyon does that to you!
Steve Porter writes that classmates can catch up with him through his Facebook page (Dr Steven Porter), his campaign website (porter4congress), or the website for his new book (theamericancovenant.net).
Ed Reardon has had a challenging year health-wise, with stays in the hospital in March and April and then major surgery in September.  “Smokin’, drinkin’, partyin’.  Things caught up sorta.  Thought I was Peter Pan and wouldn’t grow old.”  Well, Ed, if you promise to not grow old, we promise to do the same!   Ed also reported that he attended a first ever Northern Westchester Hospital Retiree Reunion in August.  He had a great time with the only other Greeleyite in attendance:  Jan Fay, older sister of Joanne Fay. 
MaryAnn Salese writes:  “Even though I am not good at sharing news, I do enjoy receiving the HGHS 1961 email.  Yes, please DO continue the website.  Even though I did not attend the 50th reunion, I loved seeing the pictures.”
LouAnn Sawyer reports:  “It is a good time, with some physical maladies however, so we work at good health practices, and many civic activities.  We travel often to spend time with our children and grandchildren. What a great time we have with all.  My husband was a pharmacist, turned entrepreneur, then back to pharmacy over the last few years after selling his business.  He is now fully retired.”  They will be closing on the sale of their Rochester NY home at the end of October, so they are investigating properties there as well as South Carolina and California.  “Between us we have five children, all whom are as our own.  My two sons live in California, one in Tiburon, one in Marina del Rey.  Our other three are in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington, DC.  So finding the suitable location for further retirement is interesting.  In the meantime, as we investigate all possibilities, we will live in a condo on Canandaigua Lake, near here in the Finger Lake region.”  On the great class of ’61, Lou Ann wrote:  “Thank you one and all for keeping the ‘web’ of friendship intact.”  LouAnn wasn’t able to attend our 50th, so she continues, “I am hoping for more opportunities to strengthen those ties.  Although I was there such a short time, I have such fond memories of that one year!  My best to all, as our 70’s are nearing, and especially good wishes for good health and good times.”
Jane Torborg is now a committed resident of St. Augustine, FL.  She moved out of her rented condo, bought a house, and is now happily decorating it to her liking.  She loves St Augustine and brags that National Geographic wrote it up as one of the ten most beautiful places during the Christmas holidays.  Jane recently returned to her new home after a month “up north”, where she visited Alan Campbell and his wife Martha on Cape Cod, Karen Lossing on Martha’s Vineyard, Martha Holmes in Ancram NY (along with the rest of the reunion committee), and her Mom Doris in New York City.
Kathy Wilmas also thinks we should continue the website:  “I will never be able to attend any of the get-togethers because I live too far away, but at least I am able to read about what’s happening in the lives of my classmates.  I really enjoyed the reunion pictures and video.”  Kathy lives in South Carolina.  How about someone in that part of the country putting together a mini reunion??
Now, wasn’t it nice to hear what your classmates are up to?  How about sending us YOUR news, so that we can feel connected with you, too?  Email Karen Lossing at Lossinginc@gmail.com.  Or, if you would prefer, any of the other reunion committee members, who will pass it along to Karen:  Mary Allanach mwinsky@aol.com, John Campbell soup_man2@email.com, Jean Carrozza jjciccone@aol.com, Todd Caso doccaso1@yahoo.com, Carolyn Curtiss ccpeelle@crocker.com, Ned Darnall edarnall@nyc.rr.com, Martha Holmes Triplevis@aol.comTrish Kellogg trilyn3@yahoo.com, or Jane Torborg crownhouse297@aol.com.
Meanwhile, go to Class Profiles and put up your current info up if you haven’t already done so.  Check the new Chat Room page to see and reply to classmate postings.  Check the new Class Meet-Ups page to see if there are any events planned near you,  or to suggest one yourself.  Let’s see Class of 1961 70th birthday parties all over the country!