We hope that you will post a "Now" photo of you that you don't hate.  If find it difficult to do this, you can email me and attach the photo to that email and I will resize it, make anyone look 20 years younger, and post it to the site along with your yearbook "Then" photo. 

If the photo is not digital, then it has to be scanned.  If you send it to me by US Postal Service mail, I can do that for you and return it to you.  Or, you could take it to someplace like "Kinkos" and they will do it for you.  Then, you can email it to me or post it on the site yourself.

Speaking of photos, the site has room for 1000 photos in the albums.  They also have to be digital to post.  The same procedure to post or scan and then post has to be followed. 

Go ahead.  Don't be afraid.  Ask me anything.