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NEW NEWSLETTER:  go to the Current Newsletter page, click on "Third Edition of the HGHS Class of 1961 Newsletter, and you can read all the current news from your classmates - with pictures!

PHOTO ALBUMS:  Ned Darnall sent photos of a minireunion that he and wife Anne had with Peter and Donna Holden and Bill and Nancy Marsden in Florida.  Carolyn Curtiss sent four shots taken on a visit to Jane Torborg in St. Augustine.  And Ruth Ofstie sent a snowy night photo of her 70th birthday party in Vermont.  You can view them all in the Now-a-Days album.
CHAT ROOM: A place where you can reach out to your classmates. Have an opinion you want to share?   Want to brag about a grand child?  Have a question that members of your generation might have an answer to? ( A health issue or a vacation spot, etc.)  Post it, or anything else you have on your mind, and any classmate can respond to you through your email address.

CLASS MEET-UPS:  A place to suggest and discuss local or regional or even national class get togethers: 70th birthday parties, visit to a sports event or museum or whatever, or trips to places near or far.  Post your idea, and classmates can add their comments/replies for you and all classmates to view.  There are already suggestions for meet-ups in New England and Florida.  Check them out!


We hope to meet up with you online and in person... just keep on clicking here.  We're the class that clicks!

John Campbell, Mary Allanach Winsky, Karen Lossing Kaufmann,  Ned  Darnall,  Jean Carrozza Ciccone,  Carolyn  Curtiss Pe
John Campbell, Mary Allanach Winsky, Karen Lossing Kaufmann, Ned Darnall, Jean Carrozza Ciccone, Carolyn Curtiss Peelle, Jane Torborg Holmes, Martha Holmes Currie with her attack dog Weezy The HGHS1961 Entertainment/Activities Committee meeting at Martha's upstate NY home.

What if we could meet up without travelling?  We know we can't have reunions every year, yet the one we had in 2011 was proof that we have much to gain from having access to each other, because we have turned into a bunch of very interesting grown-ups doing a lot of diverse things.  Let's share our lives with each other as we ease into our 70's (YIKES!!!).  We are not only members of the same high school class but also members of the same generation, and so we have a past and a present and a future in common.  We are all at the same stage in life.  Let's share it with each other and know that our classmates will be reading our postings, nodding their heads, and thinking, "I know just what you mean."

All of the changes that we have made to the website are to help us connect with each other.  We hope that you will use the Chat Room and the Meet-Ups pages to communicate with your classmates.  To those of you haven't yet put up your profile, PLEASE DO!!!  And, send your news to Karen Lossing at Lossinginc@gmail.com to be put into the newsletter.  Let's keep our connections strong and growing.

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